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SWF 痕方

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PHP返過 - N: SWF 痕方


vivid at bwteam dot org (15-Nov-2004 01:52)

I am using ActiveSWF toolkit to produce dynamic Flash movies from XML. I like it, because only I need to produce new dynamic movie is new XML. PHP code is the same. Additionally, it has quite good documentation. See http://www.activeswf.com

Mark Dijkman The Netherlands (13-Jan-2004 11:16)

Let's not forget to mention there IS another alternative to Swf-lib and Ming. It's called FreeMovie and is created by Jacek Artymiak from O'Reilly. This piece of art is made out of PHP-files only wich makes it suitable for many platforms. The project is also available via SourceForge as freemovie-php.

Thumbs up for that one!

manuel DOT leiner AT gmx DOT de (29-Jul-2002 12:20)

Just to mention for users of SuSE 8.0. libswf is included with the distro with no fonts. Therefore you must "patch" libswf support. As I didn't find the solution here before and I found a solution I am posting this fix:
Download the libswf package and uncompress to a directory (e.g. /usr/share/php/swf). Then include
Then log out and in again and restart apache. Then you should be able to use flash text functions within PHP.

daemorhedron (06-Mar-2002 06:50)

For those having problems with libswf fonts you can add a system wide variable to point to the fonts dir in your shell.

In linux open up /etc/profile and add the lines :


Please not all of that is case sensitive, so copy it carefully. Logout and log back in to see changes (should affect all users). Test it from the command line with echo $SWFFONTPATH

For windows users you should be able to add

SET SWFFONTPATH=/path/to/fonts

in your autoexec.bat or autoexec.nt. Test it with echo %SWFFONTPATH%

HTH! =)

isu at tozsdeforum dot hu (16-Jan-2001 04:11)

This works also! Write into the script:
putenv ("SWFFONTPATH=/path_to_swf/fonts");
Maybe you can do the job with apache somehow, but it did't work for me. (With getenv it looked ok, but the swf failed to find the font)

ghisha at inwind dot it (05-Sep-2000 04:02)

Writing on directory is not required. You can generate a run-time movie .. by replacing swf_openfile("<filename>", .... ) with swf_openfile("php://stdout", ....) and add before that an
Header("Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash")